Ft. Bragg soldier accused of stealing $68K worth of guns from local gun shop (video).

A Spring Lake gun shop was temporarily closed Monday after…

A Spring Lake gun shop was temporarily closed Monday after an overnight burglary in which a Fort Bragg soldier allegedly stole more than $68,000 worth of guns.

A handwritten note attached to yellow crime scene tape outside Guns Plus on North Bragg Boulevard read: “Guns Plus will be closed for the day due to scumbags breaking in. But we caught them.”

Once inside, the thief broke another window to get to nine semi-automatic rifles, seven semi-automatic handguns, ammunition, gun sights and several weapon magazines among other items.

Source: WRAL

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  • AJ

    wouldnt happen in the Canadian Armed Forces. Way too much honour and integrity. Why do you thing we are loved all over the world and the US is not?

  • Jim Mullin

    I don’t believe it.He was framed by the ATF to make American soldiers look bad.No one can steal 68,000 dollars worth of guns.That’s at least 68 AR-15s. I heard a report of a new prison,somewhere down south,maybe Mississippi or Alabama,with a focus on VETERAN inmates.As far as the $68,000.00 worth of guns,don’t believe everything you read.In most cases writers write what someone else tells them,without verification.Then the writer embellishes as he wishes.PS If ATF doesn’t get into trouble for Fast and Furious,neither should this guy,even if he IS guilty.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    one of those Soldiers who “isnt” a gang member?