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  • Sick of it…

    Gennifer, don’t do the crimes or move to MA or NY. Why should honest hard working citizens have to support those that refuse to abide by our laws?

  • Governor Sunny and the other senate officials know that the state of Georgia get a hundred seventysix or more a day for each prisoner behind bars.The game is to put people behind bars for crimes that not even worth a person spending life or ten years behind bars,such as petty theft of a laptop computer.The more time a person spend in jail the more money the state makes on top of what they getting from the federal government. It’s a money-making scheme.Each prison head or warden can use other people’s love ones for cheap labor, inorder to keep money flowing in their pocket.
    For this reason,the governor of Georgia is against early release of prisoners who are incarcerated for nonviolent crimes such as forgery, burglary and so on. Instead he said that early release is not an option in Georgia, and he has law makers looking for ways to charge them for room and board. That ridiculous! He’s asking the corecctional facility to look for alternative ways to cut their budget instead. Sonny Perdue want that money rolling in for his own purpose.