Georgia PD giving public a chance to watch snipers, practice their own aim

The Gastonia Police Department will hold its Fifth Annual Sniper…

The Gastonia Police Department will hold its Fifth Annual Sniper Conference on Sept. 7-10 at the Gastonia Police Firearms and Tactical Training Center in Gastonia.

Law enforcement officials will sharpen their skills as 40 teams from 34 police departments, sheriff’s offices, military units and other state and federal agencies compete in 11 events that are designed to simulate real-world scenarios.

Gastonia Police Department’s team will not compete, but instead will judge and score the competition events.

On Sept. 7-8, the events will be open to law enforcement officers and military officials only. Then on Sept. 9-10, the public is invited to come out and watch for free.

“There are only a few competitions in the country exclusively for professional snipers,” said Gastonia Police Capt. Steve Duncan, who is in charge of their SWAT team. “Last year’s prize package included equipment and training worth well over $50,000 and we will have an excellent prize package again this year.”

The event is attracting some of the nation’s top manufacturers and dealers of marksmen-related equipment, who donate prizes and offer sponsorships.

Source: Wade Allen for Gaston Gazzette.

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