Georgia woman with Taurus Judge fends of armed robbers while at work (video).

A Dougherty County woman's workday started with a shootout with…

A Dougherty County woman’s workday started with a shootout with a couple of armed robbers. She was grazed by a bullet, but she’s sure she shot that gunman too. Dougherty County Police are now looking for the two robbers.

Dihanna McCullock says she is a fighter, and Thursday she proved it. Two men, one armed with a knife and one with a gun, attacked her. She always wears a gun on her hip for protection, and she says there is no doubt it saved her life.

About 8:30 Thursday morning Dihanna McCullock went into her office at the Paradise Village Mobile home park off Holly Drive, where she is the manager, and suddenly was in a fight for her life– against a man who had broken in through a back window.

“He was in one of the rooms and had a knife, and tried to stab me with a knife, and so we fought,” McCullock said.

Another man, wearing some sort of badge on his shirt, had tried to talk to McCullock before she went into her office, but she went inside. Now while she was fighting the man with a butcher knife, that man also burst into her office with a gun, and started shooting.

“He shot. And I shot him. Wherever he’s at he’s wounded, somewhere,” McCullock said.

McCullock carries ‘the Judge’ in a holster. It’s a pistol that shoots a shotgun shell as well as .45 caliber bullet. McCullock said the robber’s bullet just grazed her right arm. She fired back a shotgun blast at point blank range.

Are you sure you hit him? “Yes, I’m positive. I’m positive. I’m a good shooter. Definitely a good shooter. My husband taught me well.”

Source: Jim Wallace for WALB.

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  • Mr.B

    Good greif guys.. well at the risk of sounding like a gun enthusiast “poser” as nathen says.. I would have to say (never having fired at anything with a taurus judge) that the very last place in the world I would ever want to be is in front of one… It probably is better at killing rabbits snakes and all sorts of little fuzzy critters and may well be better suited for such a task, but let’s say that some goon has run up on my vehicle and is demanding I get out so he can make it his vehicle my main concern is not stopping that guy dead in his tracks I think I would almost rather severely maim him with a blast of bird shot right to the face so everytime he looks in the mirror he will remember what he did and you also get the added benefit of the guy telling the story of what happened to his criminal buddys! And I also have to say the Taurus judge with winchester pdx ammo would be kinda scary.. just sayin.. hey when you guys read nathans posts dose anyone else picture him sounding British?? You know that heavy British accent of an old Englishman.. cherrio pip! Lol

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  • innocent bystander

    Well pesonally I will have to agree with Jim. I won’t attempt to discount Nathan posts, he is probably right on, but he seems to miss the most important point. The lady gives the gun credit for saving her life. Whether she shouldn’t have been able to doesn’t matter, it happened. So Nathan’s comments like “The Taurus Judge is both decent quality and entirely useless” and “In fact, it’s suitable for little more than hunting rabbits” is BS, and ignoring the facts presented in the story. I would say that saving someone’s life is useful, and proves in reality, not theory, it is more than cabable of just hunting rabbits. And I am sorry, it is not my job to police the US. If I need to shoot someone, whether to kill or deter, it will be my decision and I will deal with the consequences, not you. It is not my “duty” to make sure they die. But if you want to kill them, be my guest. I don’t have that much money for lawyers.

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  • Nathan

    We all have the right to our own opinions, but i have the right to point out dangerous marketing hype and to call attention to people like you spreading disinformation, “my dears”, innuendo and other chaff. I know a poser when i see one, and i’m not your boyfriend. It’s a personal responsibility to do your best to stop an aggressor where they stand if you have the ability to do so, and should not be considered an “option” if you “feel” like it. Other lives besides your own may someday depend on it, and to ignore that fact is willful negligence. Using a handgun to begin with isn’t legally required nor is defending yourself at all, so shooting without the conscious intent to kill them there makes no sense. Choosing the most lethal practcal weapon in advance makes that more likely, and not doing it is wrong. Among many considerations, some criminals do go to great lengths to avoid the ER because if they don’t, and they live, they won’t be caught. You believe what you want, but it happens. Yes, i will concede that weapons in general are a deterrant. But part of using any firearm humanely is the responsibility to kill quickly rather than to maim. And part of that is the choice of gun and ammo which increase that potential, which i also admit is no guarantee. It’s a simple fact that many weapons are more lethally effective though, and that’s why i think it’s morally wrong to market the Judge as a defensive tool, period. Yes, it can be loaded with .45 Colts, which i stated first rather than yourself, and i didn’t miss that. So if that’s the excuse, why not simply get a compact .44 or .45 Colt revolver? And since JHPs create much larger wound channels, why not just get a .45 ACP with more rounds, and for which ammo is more widely available? I *have* put a few rounds through a Judge about 5 years ago, and its felt recoil and muzzle blast was equal to my Redhawk. Pellet patterns and wadcutter accuracy were terrible. Skilled shooters i know care about those things and they want good shot splits, not flyers and keyholes. Is it really so “cool” that it’s worth risking civil liability, just because you’re hoping you won’t get some leftie judge who knows you “felt” like it, and rubber-stamps the lawsuit against you for blowing your attacker’s lips off and spraying pellets down the block? I don’t think so. Lastly, as far as DocGKR being dribble? You, sir, have no idea what you’re talking about. I posted that so people could look it up for themselves, not to drop names, and 60 seconds on google will show them you’re just another gunshow poser blowing hot air. Now, since i know that Tactical-Life is not my personal soapbox, i won’t be posting on this matter anymore, and i’ll no longer respond to you in the future. Have a nice day.

  • Jim

    Clearly I got under your skin. I am well a where of the difference in shot patterns of 12 ga, 20 ga, and 410 shot gun shells. As well as the difference in a long barrel and shortbarrel pistols. The point that I made to everyone but you in my last post was that if you are able to STOP someone from attacking you, and you survive the incident that is truly a SUCCESS. I simply can’t stand here and agree with you or anyone that would say just because the attacker escapes you failed. He or she is wounded and would be most likely caught receiving medical care in a near by emergency room. Think about. Not to mention if everyone conceal carried the likelyhood of that same individual “preying” on another victim in the future is highly unlikely.

    Now, as far as me assuming your character, political views, or whatever…you left your opinions out there to be perceived anyway anyone may see fit. And for me including you in my robber example, it was so you could more easily understand the point I was trying to make…my dear. Next time try to be more specific in your original post so we can avoid all the run around:)…and leave out all the uncited DocGKR dribble.


  • Nathan

    Okay, JIM, you have my full attention now. Rather than write a book on how a shotgun round’s sectional density and velocity combine to induce penetration in human tissue, it will suffice that it’s already extremely well researched and freely available to anyone who actually cares. Please refer to your results when you do a search for DocGKR and browse through the several large archives you find that delve into the repeated results of real scientific testing, quite a few of them with shotguns. DocGKR is a master among masters with top credentials in his field and decades of experience working with Law Enforcement and the Military. Less scientic but very similar in their findings, The Box O’ Truth also tests the performance of shotgun rounds through barriers. As effective as buckshot can be in 12ga or 20ga, it does not expand or deform often enough at impact to be reliable in the .410 out short barrels, and weapons chambered for other rounds in reliable hollowpoint tend to have a better balance of expansion and penetration in soft tissues, as well as far better penetration in bone. It’s ethically wrong for the Judge to be marketed as suitable for defense given the well-understood mechanisms of CNS disruption, the real world statistics and medical reports, and the number of alternatives. Could it work in some cases? Yes, absolutely. But the .410 leaves little room for error, and in this case rather than incapacitate the aggressor it allowed him to escape instead, and there’s a chance he may yet prey on others again as a result. That is NOT a success, and that’s the reason i commented on it. The Judge is a great snake charmer and pest gun, as are many other .410s and thousands of rounds i’ve shot in my life. For the record, Taurus makes numerous high quality revolvers that are much better suited for self defense, and i enjoy shooting them often. Please take real facts into consideration before trying to insult someone who’s doesn’t dream this stuff up.

    Now, about your tantrum. For some reason you chose to use me in the example of your robber. That is not true of my character so please be hypothetical next time rather than succumbing to fanstasy. You also called me a liberal, and you saw fit to “assume” it. Like your previous poor example it’s also totally false, and an insult as well, and you really have no knowledge of me to “assume” anything about. Further, if you told people in the real world that i was both a robber and liberal, you would go from just popping off at the keyboard to being a liar in reality. And if you were to accuse me of that to my face, i would go from mere concern about marketing hype and ballistic science to just embarassing you in public. So why don’t you do some listening of your own there cowboy, and maybe a little learning too while you’re at it. ‘Nuff said.

  • Jim

    Okay NATHAN,

    Try to listen. The Taurus Judge is an excellent self defense weapon of choice for many different Americans. The 410 round even the birdshot,especially the buck shot is a nasty round. Not to mention the huge .45 colts it is capable of firing. Lets say your the robber and you attack me or you enter my home armed with intent to harm me. In order to preserve MY life or the lives of my family I let a round of 410 birdshot off the chain at a distance of about seven yards. (A relatively long distance considering your attacking me, but I’m assumming your some sort of liberal who I doubt has even fired a Taurus Judge and don’t know what kind of damage it can do at close range.) Now bird shot at seven yard from a pistol won’t kill you, but it would certainly make you regret entering my home or attacking me. Plus whos to say the next four rounds aren’t buckshot or .45s? Also the sting from a birdshot peppered face would more than likely make you want to leave and or give up. Which is exactly what happened in Atlanta, the robbers in that case found out quick that that Georgia girl was packin heat and that she wasn’t going down with out a fight…they gave up and retreated. Criminals are cowardly and run from the least bit of resistance. Kinda like liberals and most Dems, they can’t argue OR debate with FACTS so they divert or retreat.

  • Nathan

    The Taurus Judge is both decent quality and entirely useless. . . not all shotgun rounds are created equal, and a .410 is NOT a 12ga or even a 20ga. In fact, it’s suitable for little more than hunting rabbits and lighting a fire on the assend of a trespasser, especially out of a short barrel with incomplete powder burn. Just because the Judge is marketed as a wise choice for self-defense does NOT MEAN that it’s true. I highly doubt her husband has taught her anything useful about shooting if he’s not bright enough to figure out that the Judge is just a wannabe’s wet dream. At LEAST she should load it with .45 Colts, in which case it might be useful then, but still way oversized for only 5 shots of a 100+ year-old pistol round with limited hollowpoint availability. Whatever they do, this should NOT be considered a successful shooting. . . if she plugged him in the center chest at close range and the cops still haven’t found him, then it’s time to GET ANOTHER FRICKIN’ GUN. . . Duh-hurr o_O