German Army, U.S. Army sign terrorism partnership

The German Army and the U.S. Army signed a formal…

The German Army and the U.S. Army signed a formal partnership agreement today that will allow them to work in unison against the common threat of terrorism.

The agreement will lead to common training exercises, leadership training and even sharing instructors, said Maj. Gen. Robert P. Lennox, Fort Bliss commander and commandant of the U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery Center and School.

“It is built on trust respect and mutual support,” Lennox said, and will lead to each Army having a “clearer understanding of the tactics, techniques and procedures” used by the other.

Lennox credited German Brig. Gen. Wolfgang Köepke, who is head of his Army’s air defense units and school, with having the vision and determination to make the partnership a reality.

“The days of fighting by yourself without a partner are long gone,” Lennox said. “We have the multiplication of (unmanned aerial vehicles) throughout the world and terrorists use rockets and missiles in a very strategic way. We need to develop capabilities to overcome these threats today and tomorrow, and we’re doing that.”

Lennox said the agreement signed today will allow expanded cooperation and will result in a modular ability where German or U.S. air defense units could be used interchangeably.

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  • Makes sense to me

  • masterkyiron

    so i hope you guys take a good look and see what you are really fighting for!not for the people!!

  • masterkyiron

    ya they can use the germans on usa soil to round up us citizens for femma camps or even extermination of usa people that are for freedom ,people that dont want to be slaves to the new world order and there evil plans of depopulation ,control,brain washing and microchip implants,people that do not like being sprayed with chemtrails! when they make another false flag like 911,the nwo are terrorist ,they try to twist things around using illuminati mind control tactics.most people are programed and cannot see what is really going down!!!