Germany bans Heckler & Koch arms exports to Mexico.

Germany's government says weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch GmbH must…

Germany’s government says weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch GmbH must cease all arms deliveries to Mexico amid concerns they are ending up in parts of the country where Berlin has forbidden weapons exports over human rights issues.

In a letter from the Economy Ministry to the arms manufacturer obtained by The Associated Press on Thursday, the government says the company’s applications for exports of “weapons and other defense goods” to Mexico are suspended pending the outcome of judicial investigations.

Heckler & Koch is under investigation by prosecutors for allegedly providing its G36 assault rifle to Mexican police in states such as Chihuahua where Germany prohibits such exports.

The company, whose headquarters near Stuttgart were searched by prosecutors late last month, denies any wrongdoing.

Source: Businessweek

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  • AngryWhiteMale

    Well thats just silly! EVERYONE KNOWS that the drug cartels are obtaining ALL of their MILITARY GRADE CUTTING EDGE weaponry from Slim’s Bait & Ammo in Amarillo Texas and the Ammo, Lotto & Beer Cheveron station in Arizona…..