Gettysburg Reenactment Marks 150th Anniversary

Sweat soaking their wool uniforms, the Union and Confederate soldiers…

Sweat soaking their wool uniforms, the Union and Confederate soldiers met near the stone wall to exchange handshakes, pleasantries and even a few jokes.

On this warm, sticky Sunday afternoon, both North and South went home happy after the Battle of Gettysburg. Thousands of history buffs recreated the Confederate Army’s ill-fated Pickett’s Charge to end the first of two massive re-enactments held in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War’s pivotal conflict.

But the events to remember the battle that took place July 1-3, 1863 are far from over. The National Park Service took the spotlight Sunday night with its commemoration ceremony, just about 100 yards from the actual point in the battlefield where Pickett’s Charge was rebuffed.

“Tonight, we’re here to honor the dead; to recognize their courage and heroism; and to mark this major event in American history,” Park Service director Jonathan Jarvis told a crowd of several thousand that assembled at dusk, facing a stage set against the picturesque backdrop of the fields and hills where the fierce fighting took place.


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