Global Alert Issued By Interpol After Al Qaeda Prison Breaks

Law enforcement agencies around the world were urged by Interpol…

Law enforcement agencies around the world were urged by Interpol to show “increased vigilance”, post prison breakouts over the past nine months in nine countries, including Iraq (22 July), Libya (27 July), and Pakistan (31 July). More than 2,500 terrorists have escaped in these nine prison breakouts.

Interpol on Saturday (3 August) has issued a global security alert following a spate of al Qaeda-linked prison breakouts in several countries in which more than 2,500 terrorists escaped.
The Guardian offers details about the last three prison breakouts:

* About 500 convicts, among them senior al Qaeda operatives, escaped from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq on 22 July
* More than 1,100 inmates broke out of a prison on the outskirts of Benghazi on 27 July
* More than 300 al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners escaped the prison in the city of Dera Ismail Khan, some 320 km west of Lahore,Pakistan on 31 July in a Taliban-led operation.


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