Glock .40 Model 22 accidentally discharged in hotel room by deputy in town for firearms training.

There were some anxious moments late Monday afternoon, as police…

There were some anxious moments late Monday afternoon, as police responded to a frantic call from a desk clerk of shots fired at the Inn America on 21st Street.

It turns out, it was an errant shot from a revolver fired by a Bonner County, Idaho deputy who’s in town for firearms training.

Lewiston Police Captain Roger Lanier said the deputy was in his room practicing what are called dry firearm drills, but had not made sure the gun was unloaded.

The .40 caliber Glock Model 22 semi-automatic went off. The bullet went through a mirror, the wall and lodged in the wall of an adjacent room.

Fortunately the person in that room was in the shower, did not even hear the shot and was not injured. He did notice some drywall dust when he came out of the shower.

Lanier said no one else was in the deputy’s room. He said Lewiston Police conducted an investigation and determined the accident was not reckless discharge of a firearm, which is a crime.

The Bonner County Sheriff’s Office is doing its own internal review.

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  • pr4

    Well first a glock 22 in not a revolver so there is a definate problem with the local press knowledge of firearms. But that seems to be normal.Second I understand its Bonner county but perhaps they should pronounce it Boner county due to the lack of proficency and understanding of safe firearms handleing. Of course this is great fodder for some hollywood comedy.

  • stephen

    Was it a revolver or a G22, it says both.

  • Right Coast

    Ignorant reporters. Was it a Glock or was it a revolver? Helllooo?