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  • Johny V

    Complete gun grabbing propaganda! He asks:
    “”why try to move guns all the way from South America… when all you have to do is have a family member 17 miles north who can procure and bring them through on a Sunday visit””

    Well, how about that doing so will only get a SEMI-AUTO firearm & NOT a fully automatic machine gun!!
    The VAST majority of weapons the Drug Cartels are using come from Mexico’s own corrupt military & Central America, where limitless amounts of stolen military grade weapons are cheap and plentiful, FACT! Never mind the corrupt Mexican POLICE weapons that are being replaced/arrested by Mexican FEDS!
    The only criminals that are forced to buy straw purchased/illegal American store guns are the very minor players! If you think you are a big crime boss and can’t afford or find military weapons in Mexico, you are a joke and should go back to working at BK!
    I’m soo sick of this type of gun grabbing video’s being played or made. You have a great website, don’t destroy it by posting gun grabbing propaganda like this.