Gold plated AK47 and Colt among haul of gaudy weaponry confiscated from Mexican drug lords.

Gaudy: A gold-plated Colt Super 38 Automatic handgun was recovered…

Gaudy: A gold-plated Colt Super 38 Automatic handgun was recovered by security services in the desperate battle against Mexican drug cartels.

In a country as lawless as Mexico, it seems fitting that top crime lords want to show off their ill-gotten wealth.
So what better way than getting their hands on a gold-plated assault rifle, together with some diamond-encrusted handguns?

These were the gaudy weapons found by security services during a raid on a farm near Guadalajara, central Mexico.

The haul also included a patterned gold-plated silencer for the rifle, an AK47.

Officers showed off drugs and stolen police equipment recovered during the raid as they battle to turn the tide against drug cartels which have plunged the country into chaos.

Showing off: A gold-plated AK47 automatic rifle and a gold-plated silencer were among the haul of weaponry displayed by police in Guadalajara, Mexico.

More than 28,000 people – many of them completely innocent – have died in the past four years as rival gangs struggle to control the lucrative cocaine trade.

President Felipe Calderon declared a war on drugs in 2006 but has come in for severe criticism over the appalling numbers of killings which have include mass murders and the shooting of babies.

This week has seen a rash of decapitations and other gruesome killings in the border city of Tijuana since the President visited it last week, declaring it a success in his war.

Three headless bodies were found hanging from their feet, while a human head was found in a bag in an unconnected case.

Source: James White for Daily Mail.

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  • Dont Tred On Me!
    well written above. Unfortunately the messege needs to be brought to those who think that everything is fixed if we take weapons away… ask any police officer, and look at the statistics of gun bearing, law abiding citizens, that crime does go down…bad guys aren’t stupid. ” if there are no guns to steal then crime wont happen… really? better study history… oh wait… some states remove history so you children wont learn to think about what has happened in the worlds past… you must be vigelant and hold your ground and when stupid people try to do stupid things like take away your rights for a new2 world order… tell them we dont want it…

  • Frank

    “In a country as lawless as Mexico” … are you stupid or something?

  • Eric

    The extensive decoration of firearms is common to both folk heroes and dictators. It can be argued the Cartels are a bit of both in terms of how they view themselves and how their supporters view them. For example, there is a Patron Saint for Drug Lords in the Mexican rural areas. This should give some idea of how much the average, impoverished person relies on income and protection from the Cartels. Decorated guns are certainly icons of power and glory, even more so because they are rare, coveted items because of their “contraband” status. The symbolism of these guns may suggest how violence is seen as both necessary and, even, moral to Cartel members, who may not even consider themselves criminals in the “Anglo-American” sense of the word. Tattoo art of many Mexican gangs suggest a “Warrior-Hero-Liberator” mindset with clear “honor code” symbolism. Many anthropologists have associated “honor code” cultures with a “dueling tradition,” which many Mexicans still practice, regardless being technically illegal. A very young, “Northern” gang member once told me, “A ‘real man’ doesn’t need a ‘badge’ to enforce the law.” I found this belief to be wide-spread among Central California’s Latino gang culture. Official institutions were simply seen as existing to protect the elite, which it was “okay” to steal from, according to the gang mentality I observed. Worse, there was no remorse; taking from the “rich” was considered the right thing to do. Thus, on a greater scale with the catalyst of intense conflict from the Mexican President’s anti-Cartel policies, it is not surprising the psychological makeup of Cartel members drives them to fight and assassinate with a level of ruthless efficiency not usually associated with the typical on-the-run, renegade criminal. Additionally, the Cartels often utilize “psychological warfare” style techniques to inspire “terror” in enemies (e.g., the historical practice of sending “heads-in-baskets” or, today, severed heads in brief cases) shouldn’t be particularly surprising giving the history and antagonisms of the region. Since the current Mexican president took office, thousands have died violently. The problem is far deeper than mere “drug profits.” The worse problem is many of our politicians advocate the same surrender of rights as the Mexican people have permitted, so, we should ask ourselves, is the future of America going to be similar to Mexico? Again, the problem we as a society face is far deeper than mere suppression of “drugs.”