Good Samaritan or vigilante justice? Man shoots, kills armed robber (video).

Police are reminding the public that "vigilante justice" is very…

Police are reminding the public that “vigilante justice” is very dangerous.

“You can injure yourself or other innocent bystanders,” said Sgt. Steve McCarty of the Minneapolis Police Department.

The warning stems from an incident Thursday night. Police say a middle-aged woman was assaulted and robbed near a south Minneapolis Cub Foods. A witness, with a permit to carry, saw the incident, chased the attacker, and fired off at least one shot killing the suspect.

Source: Dave Berggren for KARE11.

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  • Brian

    I agree with Larry there seems to be to many criminals leaving coments in these pages. Purse or not, as a person I have the right to defend and protect my persons and property. What if he did get away and next thing you know he is standing over you while your a sleep. Face it people the police are never around and cannot be.

  • mcnk

    Well spoken ! I live in Oklahoma where there is some tolerance for striking back. Im sorry if my opinion is tainted by my surroundings. You are absolutely right. However here in Oklahoma, If the pharmacist, Erseland had been a little more intelligent, he would have gotten away with murder.
    That does not make it right !
    It is sad to hear of someone dying over a purse.
    Even worse to ruin a second life in the process.

    Be careful out there

  • Jesse

    Ok, this is a perfect example of why it’s getting harder to carry a firearm. Jim is the most correct and mcnk’s first statement is correct. Civilians have the right to protect themselves, they’re families, and in certain instances a stranger whom is in obvious peril. But civilians are not the police. If a crime has been committed and is over, the civilians job is to report it and render aid, not interdict. Could he potentially have saved future victim? Sure. But we’ll never know the whole story. I am a proud gun owner and I defend the right to bare arms, but there must be that line between self defense and being a cop. And it warrants mentioning that this is the law and I agree with it. This guy is in big trouble.

    Do yourself and every other gun carrying civilian a favor. Be in the protection business, no the punishment or law enforcement business. Leave that to the people who get a paycheck.

  • Gesellschaft

    Perhaps the good samaritan should be put on paid vacation pending the outcome of a review done by their significant other and immediate family. After careful review they can deem the actions justified and the story can go away. Oh wait, I got it all backwards.

  • Pat

    One less scumbag in the world! Nice shooting.

  • Jim

    If it was a cop he would have been in trouble as well. No one person can be a cop, judge, and executioner unless they are in physical danger. A purse can be replaced, the man should be put on trial for murder and/or other felony counts. If he was breaking up a fight between the lady and robber is a whole nother story.

    Plain and simple its hard to justify self defense when you shoot someone in the back.

  • mcnk

    The dude is in trouble
    stealing a purse does not translate into a death penalty.
    shoot him in the arse. or take out a knee, i am in full support.
    Kill the guy for stealing a purse, who is next?
    If he is running away, not a justified kill in my opinion.

  • Larry

    Seriously, is this what American’s have devolved to? The good samaritan will need to prove he was in danger? He was chasing an armed aggressor who had just attacked a defenseless woman. This guy is a hero. He’s may have saved countless other future victims from attack. We need more people like this. If you are a concealed carry permit holder: get training, become a good shot, know how you will react, always consider those innocents that may be behind your target, and carry your weapon EVERY day. That is your responsibility. You may one day get your chance to make this world a better and safer place. To that good samaritan, congratulations on a job well done.