Google Shopping bans firearms, knives and ammunition from site listings

Google has decided to block all gun, ammunition and knife…

Google has decided to block all gun, ammunition and knife advertisements from their shopping channel. These changes are effective July 1, but have been going into practice, much earlier. A search on the shopping channel for the keyword, “firearms”, yields no results as of today.

Searches for ammunition or knives and a sampling of manufacturers’ names, likewise yielded no returns. However some products have slipped by the filter and are still in the channel’s inventory. It is only a matter of time before Google pits its deft army of offshore programmers against them, so this Examiner will not reveal any names.

Searches for firearms, knives and ammunition are still permitted on Google web search, but the advantage of the shopping channel allowed prospective buyers to compare prices on screen immediately. It is expected that rival search engines such as Bing and Yahoo will follow suit with their shopping channels.


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  • Larry

    I switched all of me services AWAY from Google. No more gmail, Google shopping, no more search engine, etc. Just also deleted all of my google apps on my iPhone. I’m voting with me feet. Bad move Google. I’m happy to take my business elsewhere.

  • Perry in Virginia

    I suppose Google will change its name to “The God of All Things Internet”. They didn’t like it much when China censored them and I don’t like it much when they decided to censor my access.

    Please support MY BAN of Google Shopping and pass this along.

    Thank you,

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    In goggles neck then, use Bing