Greensboro, NC store clerk ends armed robbery with a single gunshot (video).

A Greensboro store clerk took matters into his own hands…

A Greensboro store clerk took matters into his own hands when he fired a shot that scared off two robbery suspects, Wednesday night around 7pm.

Officers responded to Andy’s Pantry, where they located the store clerk who stated that two men entered the store with their faces covered with bandanas, one pointing a handgun.

The clerk told police he fired a single shot at the suspects which caused them to run from the business.

It was unknown if anyone was struck by the discharged round.


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  • R. R. Ferris

    I sounds like the store clerk could use a little time on the range to learn to hit what he shoot at. Stray rounds hurt folks that shouldn’t be hurt. That said God bless the man. To bad he didn’t kill thme both and reduce the criminal element in North Carolina by two.// Semper Fi, RRF