Group seeks to ban martial arts weapon sales at Long Island, NY beach.

The Hampton Beach Village Precinct will be meeting with the…

The Hampton Beach Village Precinct will be meeting with the Planning Board Wednesday to discuss potential zoning articles including one regarding the sale of martial arts weapons at Hampton Beach.

Precinct Commissioner June White said they intend to ask the board to aid them by sponsoring a zoning amendment to restrict where martial art weapons are sold.

The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. in the selectmen’s meeting room at Town Hall.

While a bill was recently approved in the Legislature enabling the town to pass an ordinance to regulate how martial arts equipment is displayed in local stores, White said she would like to go a step further.

“They can do zoning just like they do for porn and restrict it to a certain part of town,” White said. “We don’t need these items on the beach where there are families and children.”

White said the problem with the sale of knives and martial arts weapons at the beach has gotten worse this year with nearly a half a dozen stores now selling the items.

Store owners who sell them have argued in the past that the majority of their clients are older than 30 and purchase them as collector items.

Source: Patrick Cronin for Sea Coast Online.

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  • h.g.

    typical of the rich scum liberals that live in the hamptons, they dont like it so nobody else should or CAN FOR THAT MATTER, their time is coming!!