Gun aimed at clerk’s head jams (video).

Deputies: Gun aimed at clerk’s head jams: The Orange…

Deputies: Gun aimed at clerk’s head jams:

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is looking for robbery suspects who held guns to the head of a clerk. Deputies say one of the suspects pulled the trigger but the gun did not fire.

The video shows the convenience store clerk reading a book. Suddenly the two men charge the counter and one immediately sticks a gun in the clerk’s face. “Open the safe,” yells the gunman. “Only my manager can open the safe,” the clerk replies.

In the surveillance video, you can hear the click of the trigger being pulled. Luckily, the gun jams. You can see as the gunman slides the magazine out of the bottom of the gun, fusses with it, then slides it back into the pistol. The clerk continues to plead with the gunman as they pistol whip him and yell for him to open the safe. “I can’t open it. It’s not possible to open it,” says the clerk.

Source: Holly Bristow for FOX 35 News.

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