Gun background checks in Colorado spike after shooting.

Image: In the aftermath of last week's deadly Colorado…


In the aftermath of last week’s deadly Colorado movie theater shooting, background checks for those wanting to purchase guns in the state spiked more than 40%, authorities said Tuesday.

Data supplied by by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation shows that from Friday through Sunday, a total of 2,887 people were approved to buy firearms. That’s a 43% increase over the previous Friday through Sunday, when 2,012 background checks cleared.

On the Friday and Saturday right after the shooting, more than 1,200 applicants were approved on each of those two days. Figures from earlier in the month showed a low of 820 and a high of 929 approvals on Fridays and Saturdays through the state’s InstaCheck unit.

Source: Carol Cratty for CNN.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Why? Yesterday you were a sheeple and today your a sheepdog? Doesnt work like that. In a month those new toys will be nothing more than safe queens. Same excuses will be used for not having one the next time too. I cant carry it in there, its too heavy, its too small a gun for that kinda fight anyway, my friends think i’m crazy, my wife deosnt like it, I dont like the clothes i have to weat to conceal it blahblahblah or in this case bahbahbah