Gun control advocates decry Louisiana’s new law allowing churchgoers to carry.

Gun control supporters are up in arms over Louisiana's new…

Gun control supporters are up in arms over Louisiana’s new law allowing churchgoers to pack heat along with their Bibles.

Gov. Bobby Jindal gave his blessing this week to churches, synagogues and mosques to allow concealed handguns on their premises, overturning a state ban.

“The governor’s position on the Second Amendment is not new,” Jindal spokesman Kyle Plotkin said in a written statement to “He sides with the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners.”

Supporters of the measure say it can be a deterrent against criminal activity in church and will give an option to ministers and pastors to incorporate concealed handguns into their security plans.

Opponents argue it’s inappropriate to have concealed handguns in church.

Places of worship that invite concealed guns will have to inform their members of the decision and anyone wishing to carry one will have to take an extra eight hours of tactical training each year – a requirement that doesn’t mollify gun opponents.

“The question Louisiana residents need to be asking themselves is: Is someone who takes a single eight-hour class fit to defend themselves should a crisis situation arise in the church?,” said Ladd Everitt, a spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. “We would say no.”

Everitt said violent crimes should be handled by police officers, who have extensive training with firearms. At a minimum, he added, the law should demand more extensive requirements of churchgoers.

“There are enough people with that level of training, that level of accountability,” he said. “We are seeing the NRA moving us to vigilante-type justice with little accountability.”

Jindal signed the bill by Republican Rep. Henry Burns on Tuesday. The new law, which takes effect August 15, does not apply to churches on school property.

Louisiana becomes one of the few states allowing concealed guns in places of worship, gun control advocates said. Similar legislation failed in Kansas, Mississippi and Ohio, according to the Legal Community Against Violence, a public interest law center based in San Francisco.

Earlier this year, Georgia passed a law that allows churchgoers to carry concealed weapons in the parking lots of churches.

Source: Stephen Clark for Fox News.

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  • Right Coast

    Don’t forget…
    On Nov. 13, 2008 a group of self-described homosexual anarchists called “Bash Back!” attacked the Mount Hope Church in Lansing, MI during worship.

    On July 28, 2008 two people were killed at a Unitarian Church in Knoxville, TN as an angry resident vented his hatred at those in Sunday services. On March 9, 2009 Fred Winters, pastor of First Baptist Church, in Maryville, IL was killed by an intruder during services.

  • james

    perhaps we all have forgotten the church shootings a couple of years ago. also remember that it is a fundemental right of self protection, regardless of location. the second amendment does not specify locations.

  • You can’t argue logic with liberals. It doesn’t make sense to them. It’s all dealing with emotions. Once someone starts crying, they’ll give in to your demands. You just have to have someone crying on camera, then the libs are on your side (most of the time). We all know logically that police can’t be everywhere, that’s why the Supreme Court said they have no duty to protect us. It’s up to us: we are the first responders and some of us train more frequently than the police. The additional eight hours of training is a good start, hopefully the CCW holders will get additional training as well to make sure they’re able to handle a variety of situations and decisions in Shoot or Don’t Shoot.

  • Terence McKissic

    I really don’t see a problem with this law in Louisiana, given that I haven’t heard of any large scale criminal activity in the church…I can see both sides in this case..

  • Dave Hale

    Why Not? Church is as good a place as any for a hate crime, isn’t it? Maybe the anti’s are opposing it as a matter of convenience(not far to carry you to your funeral after shots are fired!!).

  • Flip

    Most louisiana natives were raised arround the bible, guns,and gun safey. We have a life-time of training not just eight hours…defending youself is not gun violence.

  • Gun free zones are targets for murderers. Why not be armed in Church?

  • Cody

    I like the quote ” After an 8 hour class, are they going to be able to defend themselves?” Its better then no class at all, besides to carry a concealed gun you have to take a class anyway. Violent crimes should be handled by police officers, I agree, but police officers can not be standing behind us 24/7, so thats why we have the God giving right to protect ourselves.