Gun control advocates target high-capacity magazines

The Colorado theater shootings thrust assault weapons, such as the…

The Colorado theater shootings thrust assault weapons, such as the AR-15 semiautomatic rifle used in the rampage, into the national spotlight.

Equally important in the gun control debate — and often overlooked — are the high-capacity magazines used to fuel the firepower in mass shootings, gun control advocates say. Aurora police recovered a 100-round magazine drum at the scene of the shooting July 20. They say suspect James Holmes bought the rapid-fire drum, capable of shooting up to 60 rounds a minute, legally over the Internet and used it in the shooting that left 12 dead and 58 injured. Colorado prosecutors charged Holmes on Monday with 24 counts of first-degree murder and 116 counts of attempted murder.

For years, gun control advocates have tried to ban high-capacity magazines, arguing they have no place in civil society. Pro-gun groups say the magazines are protected under the Second Amendment.

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  • berettam92fs

    I suppose if this nut case drove into a marketplace full of shoppers in a 4wd n killed the same number of people, we should ban 4wds. Makes no sense at all. How about sterilise these mental retards from reproducing. Everything this murder did to obtain the weapons were done legally. Perhaps America should ban rap music n violent video games for a start.

  • Retired Colorado Police Officer

    I have instructed numerous firearms courses, and not once did a high cap magazine get up off the table and try to shoot me. Outlawing hi cap magazines and so called assault rifles will do as much to deter crime as outlawing murder.
    I think foo many of us forget that the 2nd amendment is not about what firearms are good for “sporting use” or “hunting”. The 2nd amendment is about keeping the free people safe from tyrannical forms of government, and our government should not try to tell the citizens what kind of arms or magazines are good for them. Next time try talking to someone that knows a little bit about law abiding citizens instead of hyping up a story for ratings USA today!

  • L.E.W.

    Just imagine if everyone in the Theatre had used their 2nd Amendment to bear arms. You think this psychopath would have went in there knowing they were armed.BLAME THE USER NOT THE WEAPON!!!!!

  • Jeff

    In the US, there are as many automotive related deaths as there are gun deaths each year (~32,000), despite their being 300 million guns in this country and only 60 million registered vehicles. This just shows gun owners are generally more responsible with guns than the average car owner with their car.

  • Joe

    K.J.Knox,you hit the nail squarely on the head.!!!!!

  • jeffrey perkins

    usa today should stop reporting on gun control until they have somebody that has a clue about firearms,The worst reporting on a subject by far.

  • Coleman

    60 rounds a minute? A drunk driver once killed a pedestrian with a sports car with tires that were capable of driving highway speeds of 60 miles an hour! – That is how ridiculous the reporter for USA Today sounds. Learn a little about firearms before bashing them.

  • K. J. Knox

    Once again, you wish to assess blame on the shooters equipment and disregard the maniac’s lack of the most basics of responsibility.

    What would you protest if he had used another device, one not yet portrayed as a ruination of society?

    How about government subsidizing bastard child birthing.

  • Matt in Oklahoma