Gun-control battle brewing in Illinois as NRA, allies target state.

As state after state voted to let residents carry concealed…

As state after state voted to let residents carry concealed guns, Illinois has held out, for a long list of reasons: A strong gun control movement. A dynasty of powerful Chicago mayors. A line-up of state leaders who oppose expanding access to guns.

With Wisconsin now on the verge of adopting concealed carry, Illinois soon will be all alone, the last state with a complete ban on carrying concealed weapons. That makes it the next big prize in the fierce national contest over gun control, with the National Rifle Association and its allies targeting the 50th state.

Despite the obstacles, gun-rights advocates believe time and political momentum are on their side. Pro-gun groups expect to make another push this fall or next spring. They’re also pursuing at least two lawsuits. The outcome of the effort will determine whether firearms officially achieve new status in the United States — something citizens of every state can own and carry, regardless of regional differences or which party is in power.

Source: Christopher Wills for The Chicago Sun-Times.

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