Gun control could save veterans’ lives

Image: The U.S. Army/Flickr In 2006, the Israeli Defense Forces…

Image: The U.S. Army/Flickr

In 2006, the Israeli Defense Forces made a relatively simple policy change that required soldiers to leave their weapons at their bases when they headed home for the weekend. The result: a staggering 40 percent drop in the suicide rate among soldiers aged 18-21, according to a November 2010 study.

The study has received some renewed interest in America in the wake of Sandy Hook. While gun-control advocates and critics may debate whether new restrictions would prevent someone like Adam Lanza from shooting up an elementary school, they would almost certainly save the lives of American veterans struggling with their wartime experiences. Members of the U.S. military, unlike their Israeli counterparts, aren’t allowed to bring their weapons home, but they don’t really need to: America’s gun industry is making a concerted effort to put high-powered weapons right back in their hands.

Read the rest of Perry Stein’s report at The Republic

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  • G

    What on earth are you proposing that we control???? Certainly not their service weapons, as they do not bring them home now.

    How sad that we cannot event count on a “gun industry publication” to properly frame the debate.

    These troubled service people need support and understanding. They won’t get it by having someone else’s gun rights restricted.

  • Definately not. The anti gun movement is just looking at everything
    they can. I just wonder what they will say when they start attacking
    their 1st amendment rights.

  • Tom

    I was ready to jump on too, till I saw it was a blurb from and article from New Republic… Figures..

    The 2nd Amendment existed long before The New Republic, the armies of the US or Israel or Tactical Life…

  • Phil

    What kind of anti-depressants and drugs do they give our men?

  • Tactical-Life

    Definitely not “going anti-gun” — we just like reading your comments.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    all the while ignoring the issue of why young men off themselves to begin with because of the same agenda driving retards who sent them in to do the dirty work and now distrust them and want them disarmed

  • Charlie

    Why would this hogwash even be posted here?! Is tactical life going anti-gun like recoil magazine?

  • Sam

    Yes, instead of getting them the Mental Health help they need lets just strip away their Second Amendment Rights… because we all know that “Assault Weapons” are the only way you can take your own life…