Gun Industry Thrives During Obama’s Term in Office

President Barack Obama has presided over a heyday for the…

President Barack Obama has presided over a heyday for the gun industry despite predictions by the National Rifle Association four years ago that he would be the “most anti-gun president in American history.” Gun buyers fear that Obama wants to restrict their purchases, especially if he were re-elected.

An analysis by The Associated Press of data tracking the health of the gun industry shows that sales are on the rise, so much that some gun manufacturers can’t make enough guns fast enough. Major gun company stock prices are up. The number of federally licensed, retail gun dealers is increasing for the first time in nearly 20 years. The NRA is bursting with cash and political clout. And Washington has expressed little interest in passing new gun laws, despite renewed calls to do so after recent deadly shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin.

Obama has made no promises to impose new gun control legislation and doesn’t have the support in Congress or among voters even if he did. During this week’s presidential debate, Obama suggested renewing a U.S. ban on assault weapons and coming up with an overall strategy to reduce violence, but both Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said the government needs to enforce gun laws already on the books.

“The driver is President Obama. He’s the best thing that ever happened to the firearm industry,” said Jim Barrett, an industry analyst at C.L. King & Associates Inc. in New York.

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  • Sam

    He will have fear. Remember what happened to Democrats after Clinton’s last term? Don’t think they have forgotten the hornet’s nest they kicked after their AWB. I don’t like either candidate but saying things like “he’s anti-American”, a secret Muslim, and some of the other garbage floating around just makes you look ridiculous.

  • Todd in RPK

    We have to be thinking of the two possible SCOTUS appointees. We get anymore liberal/anti’s on the bench, and goodbye 2A.

  • Steve

    Obama is the man !!!!

  • Chortles

    @ Rick: I don’t agree — after all, you’re only looking at Obama and thinking that he couldn’t be deterred… yet you’re not looking at the 2016 candidate who (along with his or her party) would be held responsible and thus could be deterred?

  • Bought “Military Surplus” premier issue at Wally World,
    along with some ammo…

    Great Issue! Battle Classics, M1903, M1 Garand, and the Mosin-Nagant! Axis weapons, too!

    Thank you!

  • Just, let’s not give him “Lame Duck” status as POTUS!

    He is in-experienced, un-qualified, incompetent, useless,
    and anti-American! He will sign the UN Gun control
    Treaty with Congress out, to subvert the 2nd Amendment!

  • Rick

    We won’t be so happy during the next 4 years if Obama gets re-elected. He will have no fear at that point.