Gun-rights advocate stopped by police for openly carrying pistol will settle against the city of Philadelphia for $25,000.

Image: Tony Di Domizio for Lansdale open-carry law advocate…

Image: Tony Di Domizio for

Lansdale open-carry law advocate Mark Fiorino, who filed a civil rights lawsuit against Philadelphia Police this month, has accepted an offer from the city of Philadelphia to allow a $25,000 judgement be entered against all defendants and in favor of Fiorino.

“This was never about the money,” said Benjamin Picker, of McCausland Keen and Buckman, the attorneys representing Fiorino along with the ACLU of Pennsylvania. “Mr. Fiorino was seeking change in the way the city trains its police officers and vindication in connection with the violation of his constitutional rights. The city and the individual officers, including Commissioner Ramsey, have agreed to the entry of a judgment against them, which shows that they are cognizant of having violated Mr. Fiorino’s constitutional rights.”

Picker said that in interim of the lawsuit filing, the city of Philadelphia has taken steps to train its officers on the rights at issue in this case to prevent this from happening again.

Click here to read the court filing.

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  • I agree with Stu. Philly thinks its above the law in Penna. Open carry is a right in Penna. If Philly doesn’t like that let them leave Penna. They are trying to take rights away. You can tell its Democrat country there. They think they know better.

  • Stu Strickler

    Glad to see this. Just because Philly *thinks* they are above the law, does not make it true!

    Maybe they will pull their head out of their rear and start teaching the police what the law says.