Gun Rights’ group in Wisconsin to challenge citations in open carry incident.

A gun rights' group says it will challenge citations to…

A gun rights’ group says it will challenge citations to two people who openly carried guns into a Madison restaurant, and refused to tell police who they were.

Nik Clark, the head of Wisconsin Carry Incorporated, said 5 group members were dining at a Culver’s on Saturday night when 8 officers showed up. Clark said Madison Police did not arrest anyone for disorderly conduct. But when 2 of the 5 declined to provide identification, they were cited for obstructing police.

Earlier this year, the Wisconsin Carry group won a $10,000 settlement in a similar incident in Racine. The state attorney general told law enforcement last year to stop making disorderly conduct arrests for the open carrying of weapons. And Clark said there’s no law letting police demand an ID from somebody, “just because they feel like it.”

Source: WTAQ

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  • I remember as a child when cops walked around with smiles on their faces and would gladly drop to a knee to talk with a child on an eye to eye level. I grew up to be that kind of cop and it shames and sickens me to see what we have become. Each passing day there are more and more cops that scream out, “Chip on my shoulder. Just give me a reason”. Not all are like this, but there certainly are more of them today than yesterday. I don’t like a lot of things about where I see my country heading and I surely don’t like the direction that many of our law enforcement departments are going in either. Not every civilian is an enemy and the few that peacefully stand up for “our” rights should be honored, not abused……….