Gun safes in high demand in Volusia city, Florida.

Gun safes are selling off the racks in one gun…

Gun safes are selling off the racks in one gun store, mostly because of brush fires burning throughout Flagler and Volusia counties.

Owners of Buck’s Guns said they first had a high demand for gun safes during the 1998 wildfires.

The gun safes they sell can withstand high temperatures.

Now that brush fires are threatening homes once again, sales are hot.

“Safe sales are just excellent. As a matter of fact, my crews have been delivering a safe every day for the last week,” said Forrest Buckwald, one of the store’s co-owners.

Buckwald said people prefer their safes because they hold more than guns, such as important documents.

Source: Saul Saenz for CF News 13.

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