Gun sales in Arizona on pace to top 2009 record, driven by concealed carry laws.

Guns are selling at a record pace in Arizona this…

Guns are selling at a record pace in Arizona this year.

The Arizona Republic reports that nearly 125,000 people went through federal background checks in the first six months of 2011. That puts the state on track to exceed the record of more than 215,000 background checks in 2009.

Some of the reasons for rising demand are ability to carry a concealed weapon without a permit in Arizona, general apprehension and lingering concerns that the Obama administration could crack down on gun ownership.

It appears likely that more than 200,000 new weapons will be put in buyers’ hands after background checks this year. That figure doesn’t include firearms bought at gun shows or through private deals. Those sales are thought to make up about 40 percent of all sales. That could put total sales in Arizona this year at about 350,000.

Source: The Associated Press via Daily Reporter.

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