Gun Sales Surging Across U.S (video).

Gun sales are exploding across America, with gun shop owners…

Gun sales are exploding across America, with gun shop owners and customers crediting crime and presidential politics for the surge.

A recent FBI report shows that more than ten million firearms have been purchased so far in 2012, a blistering pace that would shatter the all-time record of eleven million sales set just last year.

Owners and customers we talked to said the fear of stricter gun control laws under a second Obama administration are driving the spending spree. Some of them believe that President Obama will crackdown on gun access if he’s reelected.

“With what’s going on in the world, the level of uncertainty, it’s clearly having a big play,” said Andy Jones, co-owner of Last Resort Guns in Madison. “We have a constant flow of people in and out..everything from all the young guys in their 20′s, all the way through to a 93 year-old man coming in to buy his first rifle.”


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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Gosh cant imagine why, everything is fine to listen to the powers to be, no worries at all