Gun shop owners hope new Wisconsin concealed carry law triggers sales.

The first gun show was held this weekend in Central…

The first gun show was held this weekend in Central Wisconsin since the Concealed Carry law went into effect. Some vendors told Newsline 9 they hope the new law will mean a boost for business.

Hundreds of guns loaded the showroom at the Wausau-Rothschild Gun Show Sunday. And while organizers said turnout was about average, some vendors said the concealed carry law has triggered more sales.

“Biggest boom that we’ve seen,” said concealed carry trainer Paul Arnold.

He said now that it’s legal to carry concealed weapons with a permit, the number of people signing up for classes has gone up.

“It’s probably tripled since last Monday,” said Arnold.

He said more people are asking questions about the law.

“Asking where can they carry, where can they not carry. A lot of questions on how to carry,” Arnold added.

Source: Courtney Fasano for WAOW.

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