Guns deemed OK on city property in Sioux Falls

Residents of South Dakota's largest city can once again freely…

Residents of South Dakota’s largest city can once again freely carry guns on city property, after officials decided a ban imposed 15 years ago was never enforceable.

Sioux Falls Mayor Gary Hanson in 1995 issued an executive order prohibiting city employees from bringing guns on city property. He expanded it two years later to include all people. After a review of executive orders on the books in Sioux Falls, City Attorney Dave Pfeifle recommended lifting the gun ban because state law did not allow for it.

“This executive order — though it was not a law and it was very well-intended — it had absolutely no teeth,” current Mayor Mike Huether said Wednesday.

Huether signed a revised executive order that applies only to city employees, turning it into a personnel regulation.

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