“Guns in Bars” Bill Stagnates in N.C. Senate

Image:Wikipedia Pro-gun advocates worry that a bill to permit handguns…


Pro-gun advocates worry that a bill to permit handguns in North Carolina bars is being quietly shoved aside.

The bill would allow people with concealed weapons licenses to carry guns into businesses that serve alcohol. The bill is currently on hold in the Senate Finance Committee.

As it stands, state law only allows owners or leasees of establishments to carry a gun.

House Bill 111 would allow business owners to individually prohibit guns from their restaurants or bars, and it would remain illegal for concealed carry holders to drink alcohol while carrying a loaded handgun.

“We are asking legislators to stop restaurant homicide,” The president of Grass Roots North Carolina, F. Paul Valone said.

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  • F.J.M.

    This is not and has never been about being able to carry in a “Bar”. The Bill specifically addresses being able to carry while dining at a Restaurant that serves alcohol. If I decide to enjoy a nice meal with my wife at a local establishment I should also be able to retain my right of self defense. If others decide to consume alcohol that is their prerogative. I will not as NC Law prohibits consumption while carrying as it should.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    So the designated driver gets the hand up in the fight for being in the bar with idiots
    I’m all about the 2nd but nothing good is going to happen with a gun in a bar, too bad folks cant control themselves and this is even an issue that the government has to be involved in. Then we wonder why it’s so easy for the anti-gunners to get stuff passed