Guns, Laws, and Panics: How fear, not fact, informs the gun rights debate (video).

YouTube Description California has among the strictest gun laws in…

YouTube Description
California has among the strictest gun laws in the country, and couple of local politicians are seizing the opportunity created by the Arizona shooting to make them even stricter.

While most states operate under a “shall-issue” concealed carry weapons (CCW) permitting regime, meaning that anyone who passes a basic background check can get a CCW, California uses the “may-issue” rule, which means the decision is left to the sole discretion of the county sheriff. The result? Approximately 0.1% of California citizens have CCWs, which is almost 20 times lower than in the average shall-issue state.

This restrictive climate has led to the emergence of a burgeoning “Open Carry” movement, wherein citizens carry holstered, unloaded weapons in plain sight. California Assemblyman Anthony Portantino calls the open carry exemption in the law a “loophole,” which he intends to close with Assembly Bill 144 (AB 144).

Portantino’s fellow Assembly member Lori Saldana tried to ban open carry in 2010, but the bill failed in the assembly. But this time, AB 144 has gained helpful momentum from an unexpected source: Jared Loughner.

“Since the events in Arizona, gun issues have taken on a greater national debate and a greater significance,” says Portantino. Earlier this year, AB 144 passed the Assembly and now will head to the state Senate in late August 2011 and then on to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.

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  • Art.S

    I am from a country where firrarms are band and self defense laws almost don’t exist, I love where i live and thats the USA, what happen to this country where is that freedom?? Well those dump politicians trying to screw up this place like some European countries did, where i am from the crime rate is severy high and the citizens cant have any weapons for self defense but gangs drug gangs have all the weapons, and where the hell did that dude got that info that cops will protect us??? Yeah right is he gonna put a cop on every corner??? I didn’t things so thats why i carry my pistol for self defense, and the pistol saved my life twice from a violent attacks cops didn’t. Tell that polititian to go back where he came from.

  • David Wurz

    Taking guns away from law abiding citizens leaves all the guns in the hands of police(too few) and gangs and other crooks (way too many). Another of mant reasons I moved out of CA.

  • Jman

    California is a very beautiful state were the ocean is a 45min. drive, and the mountians are 2-3hrs away and really cool places in-between. I had ak’s/AR 15’s/semi-auto shotguns back in the fee day of california. It felt free to use them about my buisness plinking having fun with my buddy’s protecting my family/friends. I for sure do not miss the laws! A bunch of scared sheep, I mean they truly believe taking guns away from respectful,law abidding people will really make a difference. Warped, Warped, Warped mantality! Ignorance at it’s worst. Feels good to be Free in another state! Still shooting and having fun, now I have an SBR AR15 that rocks!! Fun Fun Fun…. And I still can protect my family/friends and not feel like I am breaking the law! Stupid California Political crap just keeping your fellow man down, instead of allowing honest, law abidding citizens the right to protect themselves. Too many laws restricting firearms will never ever deter a criminal from commiting any crime that they have already thought out in their heads. Ever!!!!……..