Gunsmith/2nd Amendment champion Dave Lauck running for Sheriff of Campbell County, WY; Raffles lever action 30-30 for election efforts.

The 2010 Lauck for Sheriff raffle rifle is a western…

The 2010 Lauck for Sheriff raffle rifle is a western style 30-30 lever action with gold inlay. One raffle ticket is $20 and one person can buy up to 50 tickets for $1000. The drawing will be in Aug of 2010. You need not be present to win, and you can buy tickets through the mail by sending a check or money order to:

Lauck for Sheriff Raffle,
P O Box 651, Gillette, WY

Proceeds from the 2010 raffle with go toward election efforts and if Dave Lauck is elected Sheriff of Campbell County, an annual sheriff rifle raffle will be held and 100% of profits will be added to Dave’s money back to the community program each year. This is your opportunity to own a piece of Wyoming history.

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  • indonesia

    Make sure that you get the rifle when you buy a ticket. Would not want you to get stuck with nobody winning the rifle after all of the tickets are bought to help support dave. Please actually know the person you are going to endorse. Don’t just right a letter about how great he is and then get it posted on his website.. If you know him post great.. If you are just going be an addition to the How great I am website the skip it.

    thank you