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  • dailycarry

    theres enough gun control already this is all bs we need to take eric holder hillary clinton & every other anti gun bastard & give them to the mex cartels for target practice. armed citizens are the answer not taking away our guns. if more citizens had ccw’s somebody would be able to step up and put an end to the killing long before the cops even know whats going on! wheres the cops when people are getting shot? pulling people over for a burnt out taillight? i carry everyday and won’t stop and plz, if your anti gun and are ever involved in a shooting plz tell the guy about to blow your brains out how you feel about guns so the guy with the ccw in the room can let him shoot you before he solves the problem saving many lives long before the cops get there

  • LCPL Carrion

    You right. The bad guys are going to be able to get “assault weapons” regardless if there is a ban or not. Basically if it goes through, they would be taking the guns from those that abide by the laws. Sigh…

  • Sara

    How come all you hear is about are the bad people, who have no business having guns to begin with? What about the millions of good people who own guns, and yes even “assualt” weapons, who would never shoot anyone unless their family was threatened? We have the right to protect our families, to provide food for our families during hard times, and if we were ever attacked on American soil, do you really think the bad guys are coming with single shot rifles? We need to be able to fight back, and protect our homes, families, and our country.