Has Your Local Mayor Joined A National Anti-Gun Group?

Has Your Local Mayor Joined A National Anti-Gun Group?

Some local mayors have joined "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" (MAIG)…

Some local mayors have joined “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” (MAIG) which was founded and is funded by activist anti-gun billionaire and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Is your mayor one of them? Click here to find out! You may also look at the list below.

Despite its very misleading name, this national group of anti-gun mayors has lobbied Congress against national reciprocity of state Right-to-Carry permits, against much-needed reform of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), for regulating gun shows out of existence, and for repealing the Tiahrt Amendment that protects the privacy rights of law-abiding gun owners and limits disclosure of sensitive firearm trace data to protect law enforcement personnel and protect lawful gun manufacturers from bogus lawsuits.

Bloomberg created “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” as a front group to lobby Congress to oppose important pro-gun reforms and support new federal gun control restrictions. And some mayors have joined or been duped into joining this anti-gun Bloomberg crusade. If your mayor has joined MAIG, it is critical that he or she resign from this anti-gun group. You can do your part by contacting your mayor’s office today and urging your mayor to withdraw his or her MAIG membership. A number of mayors have already quit the anti-gun Bloomberg coalition and yours should be the next one to do so.

Please call, e-mail and write your mayor today and ask him or her to support law-abiding gun owners by publicly disassociating with Michael Bloomberg and “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.” Help your mayor make the right choice between protecting your Second Amendment rights or continuing to be associated with those who actively oppose and undermine your firearms freedom.

If your mayor is a current MAIG member, please click here, scroll down and use the contact information provided, to urge your mayor to resign from this national anti-gun group today. If a former MAIG member, contact your mayor and thank him or her for disassociating from Michael Bloomberg and his national gun control group.

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  • Dan

    just an update to your mayor list. mayor dave cieslewicz just lost the election as of yesterday. please update list.

  • hell no he has not.and if he does he along with others will be shot at sun up.we are a bunch of southern illinois boys we came a long way their is some korea boys around and a hell of a lot of us vietnam boys left around with all our m-16es and lots of ammo. let them try to get our guns be a cold day in hell when they want some come get some.