Hawaii state proposal would ban kids under 18 from buying all toy guns (video).

Some state lawmakers are looking to shoot down toy gun…

Some state lawmakers are looking to shoot down toy gun sales. New bills introduced would make it a crime to sell a toy gun to any child under 18. The idea alone is already creating controversy.

There are posters around campus and staff reminds each class every year not to bring toy guns to school. Still kids learn the hard way and early this school year a Washington Middle School student bought and then brought a toy gun to school. He showed his friend who then pointed it at people. Now both boys are suspended and will miss almost their entire eighth grade year.

“These are realistic looking toy guns,” said Michael Harano, Washington Middle School Principal.

Principal Harano says students get caught every year which is why he brought the idea to lawmakers to ban the sale of toy guns to all kids.

Source: Tim Sakahara for Hawaii News Now.

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