Hazing at Illinois Navy facility involved demeaning sailors

A commanding officer in Illinois was removed from the job…

A commanding officer in Illinois was removed from the job after hazing three reservists by ordering them to exercise and yell “I do what I want” in front of other sailors because they missed physical training, a Navy report said.

Lt. Cmdr. Jack O’Neill was relieved of command of Navy Operational Support Center Rock Island in Illinois on March 19. O’Neill was upset several sailors missed physical training during a drill weekend March 9, an investigative report released by Navy Reserve Forces Command in Norfolk said.

The sailors who had to exercise said they were embarrassed, and others who watched the ordeal described it as awkward and uncomfortable.

“It gave you a queasy feeling; it just wasn’t the right thing to do,” a witness, whose name was redacted from the report, told investigators.

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  • Johnny Knoxville

    oh em gee, the Navy has went bitch. Lt Cmdr Jack, I’m sorry that branch of military has failed you. Go Air Force.