High school teacher in Arizona says forget gun saftey lecture, let’s go to shooting range to learn.

Instead of giving a lecture about firearm safety to his…

Instead of giving a lecture about firearm safety to his high school law and public safety students, one Marana High School teacher made the lesson real by taking his students to the shooting range.
Richard Pines, a Marine turned teacher who’s dabbled in acting, often brings his flair for the dramatic to his classroom.

He’s set up elaborate crime scenes, with students splattered in blood playing victims. He’s taken students to the University of Arizona law library to conduct legal research, and has even asked them to undergo the same fitness tests that police recruits would perform.

When it came time to cover the course’s firearm safety requirement, Pines opted to take a more hands-on approach by taking his students to a gun safety class on Wednesday, which included firing .22-caliber Smith & Wesson revolvers at targets depicting gun-wielding thugs.

Source: Veronica M. Cruz for Arizona Daily Star.

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  • Echo311

    Amen to the other comment.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    “flair for the dramatic” it’s called realistic training you book worms! Good for him teaching usable skills and life lessons instead of totally filling the void with useless game show factoids. Those youngsters should be able to pass the fitness test with ease unless they are a bunch of x-boxers which in that case they need to get it figured out now so they have a healthy happy full life later. We need more like him!