Higher border Mexico border walls mean harder falls in Nogales.

The imposing new border fence running through Nogales is proving…

The imposing new border fence running through Nogales is proving to be a treacherous obstacle for undocumented border-crossers several of whom have been injured in recent weeks while descending the U.S. side of the barrier.

The victims, who include two women and one man hurt during a 10-day span, won’t find much sympathy from the Border Patrol, however. The agency says it’s not responsible for people who tangle with the 23-to-30-foot security fence.

Asked about the recent injuries, Eric Cantu, spokesman for the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector, pointed to the new barrier’s principal purpose: providing better security for the United States.

“The intent of the design, structure and height of the fence is to make it more difficult to climb which gives us as an agency more time to identify, classify and respond to any threats. Which in turn makes us a nation safer, which everybody wants,” said Colleen Agle, another Tucson Sector spokesperson, said did not know how undocumented immigrants are managing to climb the fence.

Source: JB Miler for Nogales International.

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  • David Wurz

    Since India and Pakistan can build a wall visible from space at night, it can’t be that hard for us to put one up and man it!!