Home invasion thwarted by quick-thinking home owner (video).

The burglar first pounded on the door in Plano, and…

The burglar first pounded on the door in Plano, and presumably the thief figured that nobody was home, so he climbed onto the balcony and broke the window in order to gain access. The homeowner heard the glass shattering and went for his weapon and called 911. What would have happened if the homeowner was unable to defend himself against the thief? There will be no charges filed against the homeowner, thankfully.

The local news reported that the intruder managed to get inside and the homeowner shot the would-be thief as he ran up the stairs. At least one report noted that there were several men involved. The injured man fled and witnesses reported that he sped off in his vehicle. Police found him in the car described by witnesses and took him into custody. He was wounded and in “unknown condition”. The criminal was taken to the hospital. Fortunately for the homeowner, he was able to fend off this home invasion. He is shaken, but fine. Thankfully, the only person injured was the criminal.

Read the rest of the report at Gather News.

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