Homeland Security cancels $230 million radiation detection program.

Realizing it made a big mistake, the Department of Homeland…

Realizing it made a big mistake, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has decided to cancel an expensive radiation-detection system intended to help customs officials foil terrorist attempts to smuggle nuclear bombs or material into the United States.

DHS spent $230 million over five years to develop the Advanced Spectroscopic Portal machine, which was supposed to not only detect radiation at ports and border crossings but also identify the kind of nuclear material being smuggled.

Each machine was ticketed to cost about $822,000, with the program expected to consume around $1.2 billion for 1,400 of the machines.

Source: Noel Brinkerhoff for Allgov.com.

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  • jsa

    I don’t know, sounds like we could have sacrificed a couple of Joint Strike Fighters for this. I hope we don’t regret it with all the excess Soviet radialogicals floating around and Iran cooking nilly willy with it’s hair on fire.