Homeland Security memo warns: Terror attacks at all time high, and will likely get worse.

Terror attacks on the United States are on the rise,…

Terror attacks on the United States are on the rise, and according to the Department of Homeland Security, it’s only going to get worse.

CNN reported late Tuesday that an unclassified intelligence memo states “the number and pace of attempted attacks against the United States over the past nine months have surpassed the number of attempts during any other previous one-year period.”

Terror organizations will also target the United States with “increased frequency,” the memo warned.

Dated May 21, the document obtained by CNN was created for law enforcement groups throughout the country.

“We have to operate under the premise that other operatives are in the country and could advance plotting with little or no warning,” it said.

Noted in the memo are the recent attempts to attack New York City, including the failed Times Square car bombing and Najibullah Zazi’s alleged plot to blow up the city’s subways.

CNN reported that memo stated future attacks will be more challenging to stop or prevent, because operatives will likely be more ingrained in our society, and be able to develop weapons with commonly available items which are more difficult to track.

It also warns that possible terrorists would likely spend less time overseas “compared to lengthier training cycles for earlier operations, reducing our ability to detect their activities.”

Source: Michael Sheridan for the N.Y. Daily News.

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  • So much for the Obama…Can’t we just get along strategy….or is it the Ostrich…just ignore the Jihad and call is a man caused disaster and move on strategy. Or is it….the well there really are moderate Islamic Fascists…and nice Hezzbollah and Hamas members…..What crap…Thanks Barry now please go away.