Homeowner fires through door, kills invader while trying to kick it down (video).

Police in Charlotte say a man shot and killed a…

Police in Charlotte say a man shot and killed a 23-year-old who was trying to break into his home.

Homicide detectives say the shooter was home alone and observed a car in the driveway and a person walking to the rear of the home. Authorities say Aykroid tried to kick in the door, but was shot after the man inside fired once through the back door. Aykroid was pronounced dead on the scene.

A police spokeswoman says they are treating the case as a breaking and entering and took the shooter to police headquarters for questioning. CMPD announced Tuesday night, he will not be charged.

Source: Nick Needham and David Spunt for WBTV.

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  • TexasDoubleTap

    I have absolutely NO sympathy whatsoever for individuals who lose their life when trying to break into someone’s home and steal property. If you consciously make the decision to commit burglary, then you deserve to get your a** shot off, and quite frankly it is one less a**hole on the streets doing things like this. I have a great deal of respect for law enforcement, but the fact is that they simply cannot be there to hold your hand and protect you every single second of the day, even in the midst of a home invasion. I think this man acted appropriately in defending himself and his property and did what needed to be done. If an individual choses to engage in a life of crime they should come to grips with the fact that someone is going to put a bullet in them eventually, and rightfully so. It’s really really simple. Break into someone’s home, get shot up!!! Standard procedure in my opinion. Nothing comes free, and hard work is the key to getting the things you want and need. Anyone can be a coward and steal from others, but it takes a real man (or woman) to do the right thing and be a good person. Sorry, but the guy in this case got what he deserved. Stay safe out there everyone! Best regards.