House bill allows Border Patrol to ignore environmental, safety protections along borders.

Photo by Steve Garufi/ The House of Representatives on Tuesday…

Photo by Steve Garufi/

The House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a sweeping bill – HR 1505 — which would allow the Border Patrol to ignore dozens of environmental protection laws — among them the Wilderness Act and Endangered Species Act — on all federally managed land within 100 miles of the Mexico and Canada borders (see here for a map detailing the areas covered by the bill).

The legislation would override thirty-six environmental, safety, and other regulations, including the Wilderness Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, the National Historic Preservation Act, the Antiquities Act, the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the Migratory Bird Act, the National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act, the Fish and Wildlife Act, among others.

The bill, sponsored by Representative Rob Bishop (R-Utah) passed on 232-188 vote.

Source: Homeland Security Newswire

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