Hundreds protest treatment of alleged WikiLeaks whistleblower.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the gates of Quantico Marine…

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the gates of Quantico Marine Base in Virginia Sunday to protest the treatment of Bradley Manning, who is being held at the base prison on charges that he released classified government documents to WikiLeaks.

Daniel Ellsberg, the 1971 Pentagon Papers leaker and Retired U.S. Army Col. Ann Wright who is known for being one of three State Department officials to publicly resign in 2003 as a way to protest the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
See a exclusiveinterview with Ellsberg as he talks about his kinship with Manning, and Ellsberg’s experiences as an infamous war-time leaker.

Manning, a 23-year-old Army private, is accused of giving WikiLeaks hundreds of thousands of classified military and State Department documents. He is awaiting a decision on whether he will face a court martial.

The protesters marched near the base carrying placards, shouting slogans and chanting “Free Bradley Manning.” They left flowers in front of an Iwo Jima monument at the entrance of the Quantico. Supporters of Manning and WikiLeaks also made speeches deploring Manning’s alleged mistreatment in prison and asserted that the dissemination of secret military documents is vital for democracy.

Source: CNN

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  • So the Left Wing is protesting, Left Wing Obama’s pretrial confinement of a Gay Left Wing Soldier Traitor who compromised a State Department Cables that describe the Left Wing State Dept Conversations and E-mails about things such as, the dysfunctional Mexican Government and its failure to control drug cartels…Which when revealed led to the resignation of Obama’s Ambassador to Mexico this weekend. Lot’s of other tidbits in the Wikileak Files. More resignation to come.