“Hunting only” Walmart in South bend, Indiana pulls tactical shotguns from shelves (video).

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A Wal-Mart in South Bend has pulled weapons marketed as tactical shotguns after the Common Council said it believed the sale of such weapons violated an agreement between the store and the city.

An agreement reached in June 2011 allows the store at 700 West Ireland Road on the south side to sell rifles and shotguns for hunting purposes but not handguns or tactical weapons.

At the time it passed, retail stores needed permission from the city to sell firearms, but a state law passed in July 2011 disallows local governments to regulate gun sales.

The company and the city have honored the agreement for what council members said was a public safety and customer service issue.

Council Vice President Oliver J. Davis, D-6th, said he has received complaints that the store displayed weapons marked as “tactical shotguns.” He also said people have told the council that the cases holding ammunition for sale have been unlocked.

Source: Madeline Buckley for South Bend Tribune.

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