I-Team: Robots Invade Nevada National Security Site (video).

Humans have been waiting for the day when robot servants…

Humans have been waiting for the day when robot servants will cater to our every whim. Movies and TV portray them as oh-so-helpful, always ready to assist their human overlords.

And it’s in this spirit of optimism — some might say naivete — that technical whizbangs working for the Nevada National Security Site, formerly known as the Nevada Test Site, have unveiled the MDARS, short for Mobile Detection Assessment Response System. Call them what you want, they’re robots. And they are now on the job patrolling sensitive parts of the sprawling desert facility.

“It thinks on its own, and in that regard it doesn’t require the constant plume of intervention,” said NNSA senior engineer Steve Scott.

Scott beams like a proud new papa in describing his mechanical babies whose first assignment is to patrol the perimeter of a radioactive waste facility at the test site. They are expensive, more than $2 million for the first three, but the government says they will save a lot of money in the long run, in part by freeing up humans to do other things.

“They are like a dog I had in Oklahoma on our farm,” said Scott. “You give it boundaries and say, ‘This is your responsibility, you take care of this,’ and that is how they operate. It’s just like an electronic dog.”

Source: George Napp for 8Newsnow.com.

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