IACP 2013 Spotlight

Best new LE gear from the 120th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) expo!
IACP 2013 - Training with AirSoft

IACP 2013 – Training with AirSoft

Airsoft Training
With LE training budgets shrinking, police firearms instructors are looking for alternatives. Airsoft guns are relatively inexpensive, shoot economical plastic pellets and allow realistic short-range marksmanship skill building and force-on-force training. The airsoft pistol I handled at IACP looked and felt like an LE service handgun; its magazine held 24 rounds and a CO2 cartridge fired the gun and worked the slide. Polymer in construction, it was 8 inches in overall length and weighed 1.7 pounds. Average airsoft pellet velocity is 320 fps (feet per second), so a range can be fabricated by fixing a piece of carpet behind the target to stop pellets. A slight sting lets you know you’ve been hit, and airsoft manufacturers are planning to introduce a marking pellet soon. For more information, visit airsoftmegastore.com or call 818-495-6502.

IACP 2013 - Blackhawk Diversion Work-Out Bag

IACP 2013 – Blackhawk Diversion Work-Out Bag

Blackhawk Diversion Workout Bag
Designed to appear like an ordinary gym bag, the Blackhawk Diversion Workout Bag allows users to discretely carry multiple firearms and additional gear. Just like a gym bag, it has two side handles and a padded shoulder strap. What is different is the main pocket at the top that has a two-way zipper, allowing access to the main compartment along with multiple padded compartment dividers for carrying, say, a pistol-grip shotgun, a disassembled AR or shotgun and other weapons. The padded dividers can accommodate separate upper and lower receivers up to 29 inches long, while the zippered opening at the end allows easy removal. Multiple colors are available at an MSRP of $174.99. For more information, visit blackhawk.com or call 800-694-5263.

IACP 2013 Cerberus Black A-WASP(2)

Cerberus Black A-WASP
The “use of force continuum” starts with commanding physical presence and then progresses to verbal warning. Now, before going on to intermediate force, there’s A-WASP. At a level below “less lethal” methods, it represents a new capability in LE and bridges the gap between an audible order and a projected, forceful acoustic warning. It will deter and repel out to a distance of 200 feet and conforms to U.S. health and safety regulations, plus it features built-in evidence recording (including video). Developed in the UK, it puts out a highly directed beam of sound that is useful for dispersing rioters, breaking up fights, perimeter defense, hostage situations and prison inmate management. For more information, visit cerberusblack.com.

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