ICE, DHS to buy up to 7,000 5.56 NATO, select-fire firearms suitable for personal defense.

The Barrett REC7 5.56mm PDW offers the SWAT officer an…

The Barrett REC7 5.56mm PDW offers the SWAT officer an outstanding 8”-barreled 5.56mm entry carbine. Shown equipped with an Aimpoint Comp M3 optic, Troy folding BattleSights and a Mako FGG-S Tactical Folding Grip. Sean Utley

ICE and several other DHS component agencies are considering the procurement of as many as 7,000 5.56x45mm NATO personal defense weapons that would be suitable for use in close quarters and when maximum concealment is required.

A solicitation posted on June 7 by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), on behalf of several DHS components, requires proposals from potential contractors by July 9. Each vendor is being asked to submit 12 firearms and 10 magazines per firearm for a “Solicitation Test” and a “First Article Test.”

Contractors will be asked to certify that they have fired at least 7,500 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition through their candidate personal defense weapon with no Class 4 malfunctions.

Read the government’s solicitation here.

Source: Jacob Goodwin for

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    Sampson, you didn’t even read the article, did you? Nowhere in the article did it say the government bought Barrett ARs. It only talks about the solicitation of contractors to submit for testing. I’m with joe and Will.

  • joe

    Sampson, are you afraid someone’s gonna cut your hair? Get a clue, dude, most bad guys are better armed than most cops. Heard about Mexican drug cartels in the USA yet? No? Try reading a newspaper, amigo.

  • Will

    Sampson, you’re a moron.

  • Sampson

    Our country is supposed to be in financial trouble but they buy Barrett ARs? What is with this preparing for war IN America? I wouldn’t want to be holding that Barrett if the American people get pissed off and don’t want a police state.DHS should have pistols,maybe shotguns,DHS and cops with ARs and M16s are UNessessary.Stop glorifying cops equipped like the military,it’s treasonous.The target of these guns will be US citizens not foreign enemy troops.