Idaho wrestling team raffles 52 guns in 52 minutes (video)

At 52 bucks a ticket, this fundraiser has been a big money maker for the wrestling team. And it’s only their first year doing the raffle. A ticket bought you 52 tries to get a gift certificate for a gun. The guns were valued up to $2,300.

Parents we talked to at the tournament were supportive of the idea.

“There’s a lot of hunters, my husbands a hunter. So he is hoping to win a couple guns,” said Perla Gleed.

Her husband Rick said the raffle was an interesting idea. “This is America and that’s what America’s about, being able to bare arms and all that. So i am all for it and I don’t think it’s bad or portrays a bad image,” said Gleed.

Source: Stephanie Smith for KBOI2