If you’re in Sandy Springs, GA you’ll be able to text “911.”

Information is knowledge and knowledge can save lives in an…

Information is knowledge and knowledge can save lives in an emergency. The City of Sandy Springs will be the first city in Georgia to use a new 911 system that will provide first responders vital information instantly.

They will also be the first city in the United States to allow 911 operators to be able to initiate texting with emergency callers.

Last May, a 13 year old girl hid in her mother’s closet while she was home alone and burglars were in her house. Her parents were at work. From the closet, she called 911 and whispered “Please come quick.” She didn’t want the burglars to hear her.

The Chattahoochee River 911 Authority (ChatComm), which serves Sandy Springs and Johns Creek, is installing a new 911 system called “Smart911” that will make that call safer. The caller won’t have to make a sound according to Sandy Springs Assistant City Manager Noah Reiter. “Once that 911 call is placed, we would then have the ability to initiate a text message conversation if you will, between the calling party and ChattCom,” Reiter said.

Smart911 is the latest in emergency communications. Any resident can enter information online into a database that would be immediately available to 911 operators during an emergency. “The individuals’ personal information only becomes available in the event that they should have to dial 911,” said Reiter. “We have no ability to search the database.”

Source: Kevin Rowson for 11 Alive.

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